Photography awards

KOROSEC Marko; (2014): 1st place at the National Geographic Traveler Photo contest 2014 with supercell photograph taken near Julesburg, Colorado, USA on May 28th, 2013;
National Geographic, July 2014, source: “National Geographic Traveler Photo contest 2014”
KOROSEC Marko; (2014): 1st place in the “Picture of The Year (Rest of the World)” category at the NAPA Awards 2014 (UK) with supercell photograph taken near Booker, Texas, USA on June 3rd, 2013;
National Association of Press Agencies – NAPA, UK, May 2014, source: “NAPA awards – Picture of The Year (Rest of the World)”
KOROSEC Marko; (2011): Photo of the week award for “morning fairytale” photograph taken near Rovte, Slovenia on November 27th, 2011;
SLO-FOTO.NET web photography portal, December 2011, source: “Photo of the week – Dec 2011”
KOROSEC Marko; (2011): MeteoTriVeneto 2nd place award winner of 2° Consorso Fotografico “Meteoscatti Triveneti” contest for selected image of deeep snow cover taken near Crni Vrh in Slovenia on Dec 05th, 2010;
MeteoTriVeneto Association –, 25th November 2011, Latisana, Italy, article: “Vincitori 2°Concorso Fotografico Meteoscatti Triveneti”
KOROSEC Marko; (2009): MeteoTriVeneto 1st place award winner of “Meteoscatti Triveneti indetto dall’Associazione MeteoTriveneto” contest for selected image of extreme lightning strikes taken over Koper in Slovenia on August 23th, 2008;
MeteoTriVeneto Association –, 2nd December 2009, Italy, article: “Foto vincitrici del 1° Concorso Meteoscatti Triveneti”
KOROSEC Marko; (2007): UMFVG’s 1st place award winner for selected images of severe weather events allover the World (WWSW – World Wide Severe Weather);
ECSS 2007 – 4th European Conference on Severe Storms / UMFVG: 10-14 September 2007, Trieste, Italy
KOROSEC Marko; (2006): 2nd place award for deep snow photograph taken at Sviscaki from January 19th, 2006;
Primorske novice, March 2006, Page 32, Article: “Zimski skljoc”
KOROSEC Marko; (2004): Photo of the week award + 2nd place on the top100 photographs on web photography portal SLO-FOTO.NET for the lightning photograph taken over Trieste gulf from October 15th, 2004;
SLO-FOTO.NET web photography portal, October 2004, source: “Photo of the week – Oct 2004”

Something to remember while observing destructive storms.
"It's hard to enjoy the fascination of storm chasing when people are getting hurt" - Alan Moller

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